Model T Ford Rear Fender - Right - Steel Eecedd
# 8E4A14199

Model T Ford Rear Fender - Right - Steel Eecedd

360 USD

For 1912 Roadsters see part F10RR.

All fenders are exact duplicates of the originals

Allow 6−8 weeks for delivery for most fenders

The 1917−1925 fenders are crown top

The fenders have wire beading inserted in the fender edge as per the originals

Indeed, all body parts require some attention before being ready to paint

The late 1913 fender has a cross bead

The engine year is not 100% reliable as a means for identifying the body year, since many cars have had their engines changed or updated

If any fitment work is needed, you don’t want to damage the paint, or contaminate it with oil

Allow 3−6 months for delivery for all 1917−27 fenders.

Before ordering any sheet metal, always verify your body year

We do not have any new steel 1926−1927 rear fenders

Some years are transition years

When you have everything aligned properly & are satisfied with the fit, be sure to thoroughly clean the fenders with a degreasing soluti

The early 1909 fender has a square nose without a bill

With this in mind, it is wise to test fit your new fenders as soon as you receive them

The sheet metal is chemically treated but not primed

Verify what you have prior to ordering.

Do not paint your new fenders until you have test-fitted them

Fenders are not primed & modified pieces are not returnable

The correct brackets are installed on all 1909−1916 fenders, and there are no brackets on the 1917−1925 ones

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