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1-B Door Cell Phone Storage Locker In Gold Finish 66B648
# 47737776

1-B Door Cell Phone Storage Locker In Gold Finish 66B648

460 USD

Includes clear plastic card holder with card and fully integrated flanged collar which fits over the rough opening

Ideal for use in health clubs, government facilities, office buildings, schools and other settings where small personal items need to be stored safely and securely

H (20 lbs.)

W x 5.75 in

Six «A» doors

Mounting hardware not included

Durable powder coated finish

D x 25.5 in

Overall: 17.5 in


less than the unit’s height and equal to the unit’s depth

Four tiers

Front access panel swings on a continuous hinge

Standard «A» size door: 6.5 in

Accommodate cell phones, keys, wallets, cameras, tablet PC’s and other valuable items

W x 0.63 in

Card holder: 2 in

Installation Instructions

Each cell phone locker door with clear plastic cardholder to identify the compartment

Rough opening for recessed mounted units is 2.25 in

Fits into a rough opening and secured with mounting hardware through the back or side panels

Recessed mounted

All openings are usable


Larger «B» size door: 13 in

W x 5.25 in

Master control key is available for resettable combination locks that will override the combination and open the locks

Made from heavy duty aluminum

W x 5.25 in

Resettable combination locks can be set to a fixed combination or a combination that can be reset after each use

less than the unit’s width, 2.25 in


One compartment is required for a panel lock and cannot be used for cell phone storage

Compartment depth: 5 in.

Salsbury Industries is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company and has excelled in the field of manufacturing since 1936

85 100