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64 Diodes Laser Hair Loss Treatment Hair Regrowth Cap 8575C6
# 2E6E4779

64 Diodes Laser Hair Loss Treatment Hair Regrowth Cap 8575C6

226 USD

Features: 1

The key to treating hair loss is lasers, but all lasers are not created equal

Follicles return to their normal healthy state after being exposed to our special lasers


With its effectiveness and power, this device can provide a series of benefits in successfully stimulating hair growth by developing increased blood circulation on your scalp


Increases blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles

Reduces the effects of protein blocking enzymes, promoting thickness and density


The next stage is re-growing your hair

With 64 lasers, high efficiency lasers that allow us to deliver the maximum amount of light and coverage for total scalp area in the average human head

The instrument only can charge by mobile power/ power bank (not includes)

Laser Helmet also grows hair after around 52 treatments


Operation: 1

The lasers are precisely tailored for maximum hair growth

(Because it will not safe.)

Hair regrowth instrument can be adapted to different head size, as long as you adjust the inside lining


Maximum 20−25 minutes each time

Reversing miniaturization is the first step to getting your hair back, by stopping any further loss after the first 18−26 treatments

Stimulates microcirculation, improves cellular metabolism and protein synthesis

Laser Helmet tackles the three critical areas needed to beat hair loss: 1


Consistent 20−30 minute sessions using the Laser Helmet can improve the appearance of hair quality, hair strength and hair thickness

It is a convenient option as it is designed to allow people, like you, to experience the power of a clinical laser therapy unit in a 100% cordless, rechargeable, discreet treatment device that literally fits under any hat or scarf

When the machine works 1 hour, the accumulative hot will do harm to the Laser head, so please don’t let it continue working more than 40 minutes


It is one of the best options to make sure you get faster results and more powerful laser light treatments that your scalp needs for slowing down hair loss or even stopping it all together

The hair regrowth instrument use wavelength 650nm 5 milliatt medical laser, it also call Cold Laser or Weak Laser

Scientifically speaking, Laser Helmet lasers reverse the miniaturization of follicles


Please make sure that the mobile power supply enough power, and connect it with the instrument USB cable


Description: Item Type: 64 Diodes Laser Hair Loss Treatment Hair Regrowth Cap Charging: USB Color: Silver Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Plastic Size: App 28×22.5×14.5cm Cable Length: 145 cm Quantity: 1Pc Package Included: 1 x Hair Regrowth Helmet With USB Cable 1 x Glasses With Case (Without timer or power bank) Notes: 1

This Laser don’t have any harm to Human tissue, but it do harm to the human Retinal, so please don’t look into the laser directly, please wear the Laser-resistant glasses to operate it

Using Instruction: Use it 3 or 4 times a week if you desire

It can not charge to the AC power supply

Put it off the childrens anytime

Then hair regrowth instrument will be working automatically

(If use timer device to connect power, please set time based on timer device instructions.) 2


97 100