Not just dengue, viral fever and respiratory infections too on the rise
While the onslaught of dengue and other vector-borne diseases continues, the city is also facing viral fever and upper respiratory tract infections. Doctors attribute this to fluctuation in weather ...

Respiratory Illness Spikes, Travel Affected: SE Asia Haze Update
Indonesia opened temporary clinics to treat thousands of people suffering from acute respiratory illness in the haze struck regions as authorities stepped up efforts to douse forest and peatland fires ...

Carlos Martinez was hospitalized for respiratory problems over the weekend
Last night Cardinals closer Carlos Martinez picked up his 20th save in his team’s win over the Nats. This past weekend was far less fun for him. Martinez rejoined the team yesterday, two days ...

Revenge of the solicitors of the respiratory system
OPINION: We all say and write things we regret. My own weakness is for jokes. If a line makes me laugh I keep it in, even when I know it's unjust, even when I know it will bring trouble. So it was ...

Midlands expert says respiratory illness linked to vaping could be caused by ‘tainted products’
COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Some changes may be on the way to the US vaping industry, and experts say, that’s largely because of two things… “The epidemic of vaping among youth, and then this outbreak of ...

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Dreamwear Under The Nose Nasal Cpap Mask With Fitpack, With F88C09

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