American fashion brand sparks outrage over school shooting-themed hoodies
American fashion brand Bstroy has received fierce criticism on social media after displaying school shooting-themed hoodies at a show during New York Fashion Week. The brand's spring/summer 2020 ...

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Climate activists stage funeral at London Fashion Week
Funeral attire, dead flowers and sustainable fashion designs were paraded through London on Tuesday (September 17) as climate activists from Extinction Rebellion held a funeral procession for London ...

Marina Schiano, Distinctive Presence in the Fashion World, Dies at 77
Marina Schiano, who left home as a teenager in Italy to become a leading model before making an even greater impact as a fashion industry executive, stylist and confidant of designers and artists, ...

Fashion++ turns your fashion Don’t into a Do with minimal tweaks
Given an outfit pieced together from a limitless wardrobe, what nips and tucks might improve its overall stylishness? That’s the question researchers at Cornell, Georgia Tech, and Facebook AI ...

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