Ola’s electric mobility dreams get real
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Signage Allowing Cyclists To Run Reds Among Projects Allocated $50 Million From French Active Mobility Fund
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If You Had Bought Green Mobility (CPH:GREENM) Stock A Year Ago, You'd Be Sitting On A 30% Loss, Today
Green Mobility A/S (CPH:GREENM) shareholders should be happy to see the share price up 14% in the last quarter. But in truth the last year hasn't been good for the share price. In fact, the price ...

Prism Positioning Lift Sling, 42 X 78 ,white Polyester A3Aca8
# 6E2A5283

Prism Positioning Lift Sling, 42 X 78 ,white Polyester A3Aca8

333 USD

Prism Positioning Lift Sling is intended to be permanently in place as part of the bedding

The sling is also used for transfers to other horizontal surfaces.

It has four pairs of straps and features loops to support the head in various positions

Re-positioning and turning, done manually under time pressure, poses a significant risk of injury to caregivers

It is designed to address that risk

98 100