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Poly Bag Sealer Tape 3/8 X 180 Yards With B82012
# 13234715

Poly Bag Sealer Tape 3/8 X 180 Yards With B82012

120 USD

Poly Bag Sealer Tape is ideal for sealing poly bags

It is made with a synthetic rubber and resin adhesive which gives it a flexible sustainable characteristic, allowing it to secure tightly.

This tape sold not only in bulk pack 96 rolls per case, but also in small packs that are available as low as 12 rolls per case too

Be sure to ask about this valuable efficient tool!

That’s important because we all know that color attracts, and that benefits the advertisement of your product which can lead to potential customers for you ! In regards to the farmers market, grocer and restaurant industries.

So how about it, today is the day you fulfill your Poly Bag Sealer Tape demands

Also we provide table top dispensers at a low cost to compliment your tapes

Attainable in various colors, these colors provide conformity which gives your package a professional and uniform look

Why? Well we’re a leading source with proven quality, consistency, and reliability

94 100