Falcon Steel Left Front Fender, 1964-1965 35B8F5
# 3A9711349

Falcon Steel Left Front Fender, 1964-1965 35B8F5

699 USD

  • Quality Reproduction Part
  • Stamped Steel
  • Original Quality And Construction
  • Finished In Primer
These fine reproduction fenders are a testament to the popularity of the '64 and '65 Falcons! There has been such a demand that it finally became feasible to produce fenders of this quality

Frequently these repairs fail after a few years of service

Those who love these cars have had to deal with originals with 'issues' which can be very expensive to fix

Count on MAC’s to help you with your Falcon projects!

NOTE: Make sure this fender is topcoated before exposing it to the elements

The primer it is finished with will not properly protect the steel underneath.

These very correct examples are the way to ensure this doesn’t happen to you

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