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Puck Magazine Our Congressman Print Da0299
# Ff405751

Puck Magazine Our Congressman Print Da0299

91 USD

Illustrator: J

Art Type: Fine art print, canvas, framed wall art, giclee print & canvas

All canvases ship ready to hang on ¾ in


wood stretchers (2 in

Year: 1883

Political commentary was a staple of every era

Art Styles: Vintage Art

Themes: Political Humor, Politics, Puck Magazine, Humor, 1800s

Vertical Portrait Orientation

Two publications were at the forefront of reporting and even lampooning the Government and its people

These were Puck and Judge

ISBN: 0−587−13 975−7

Through cartoons are articles they brought complicated subjects to everyday people.

for Heavy Duty), with the exception of unstretched canvas

Country of Origin: USA

93 100