Amari Cooper Rumors: Cowboys WR 'Intentionally Patient' in Contract Talks
If Amari Cooper receives a contract extension from the Dallas Cowboys, it will likely come after the 2019 season. Per ESPN's Adam Schefter, Cooper is being "intentionally patient" with his ...

Wentz stays patient to find Agholor wide open for TD
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz stays patient to find Nelson Agholor wide open for TD. This game is streaming live on the Yahoo Sports mobile app, or on NBC ...

Young Cancer Patient Has New Room to Call Her Own
Jennifer Perez was only 9 years old when she was first diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer. She beat it twice. Then, days ago, she learned that it had returned for the third time ...

Jail for elderly man who molested cerebral palsy patient while visiting wife at nursing home
SINGAPORE: An elderly man was sentenced to jail on Monday (Sep 16) for molesting a patient with cerebral palsy at a nursing home while visiting his wife at the facility earlier this year. The ...

Be patient, Democrats. It’s not time to narrow the field just yet.
HOUSTON — One of the presumptions going into the third Democratic presidential debate was that finally having the three leading contenders on the same stage would be a long-awaited inflection point, ...

Patient extricated safely after two-car collision on I-5 express lane near downtown
SEATTLE - A patient was safely extricated after a two-car collision on the southbound I-5 express lane near Mercer Street on Sunday afternoon. The accident happened around 1:40 p.m. Crews with the ...

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