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Axiom 32Gb Ddr4 Sdram Memory Module - 32 Gb 44Dce7
# C8De17367

Axiom 32Gb Ddr4 Sdram Memory Module - 32 Gb 44Dce7

473 USD

DDR4 delivers: Faster data rates (Mb/s) - 100% over DDR3 Higher Densities - Up to 300% over DDR3 20% reduced power demand DDR4 Equals More Speed, Less Power Consumption, Greater System Efficiencies With Axiom, enjoy guaranteed compatibility and a lifetime warranty from ''The OEM Alternative™'' DDR4 Features: 100% Increase in speed - Faster Data Rate equates to more responsive application loads on data-intensive programs

Improved data signal

Provides greater reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) in enterprise applications — Complete integrity and fault tolerance for longer periods without system failure

300% increase in component densities — Equals larger modules for next-generation performance demands

20% decrease in power consumption — Less power consumed means less wasted resources to cool systems and reserves battery program for mobile devices

87 100