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Addon 10G Oeo Converter 3R Repeater With 2 21D6Ca
# E44717038

Addon 10G Oeo Converter 3R Repeater With 2 21D6Ca

872 USD

ADD-MCC10G2XFP is a 10G OEO Converter (3R Repeater) with 2 open XFP slots Media Converters and Network Interface Cards are 100% compliant for all of our networking needs

With our ADDON CERTIFICATION TEST Program, we can guarantee your product will work right the first time.

ADD-MCC10G2XFP can be used in telecommunication rooms, R&D laboratory, data center, or other network uses


The ADD-MCC10GXSFP can be used in AddOn''s Add Rack system (ADD-RACK-16, ADD-MRACK-16) or Standalone chassis (ADD-ENCLOSURE-10G)

ADD-MCC10G2XFP provides a connection between fiber to fiber 10Gbps Ethernet equipment, and functions as a fiber mode converter, or as a fiber repeater for long distance transmission

Now you have a cost effective solution to your network upgrade needs

The two open slots allow users to customize between the SR, LR, CWDM, bidirectional, or etc

88 100