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Grand Heritage Star Lord Costume 31Ff9B
# 2Aa318363

Grand Heritage Star Lord Costume 31Ff9B

200 USD

Did you ever wonder what life would have been like if things were just slightly different? Like… what if your father was actually a member of a mysterious ancient race of people and you found yourself floating around in space in a possibly energy-and-consciousness star vessel and, through an haphazard pickpocketing, you found yourself in the midst of a global conflict and allied with a truly unexpected array of alien beings as it was up to you to stop a monstrous destroyer from doing his worst on an entire planet? Maybe one of your friends could be a raccoon

O-o-h, Child! Good thing that he’s got a team of spectacular galactic guardians to help him out, but he could always use one more thing… It is time to channel your spirit in the sky and don the augmented helm of the Star-Lord, himself, and do your part in saving the galaxy with this officially licensed Grand Heritage Star Lord costume

Fortunately, the guy has an optimistic attitude that cannot be defeated, even though some speculations suggest he’ll be face to face with a monster death god magician

You’re Star-Lord and nothing can go wrong so long as you have your walkman and Awesome Mix!

Fear not, though

The long faux leather coat fastens with metal snaps in the front and has strong foam gauntlets to give you that extra protection from wandering laser fire

The molded plastic mask is shockingly comfortable despite its frightening appearance—made all the more so when two 1.5 volt button-batteries make the exterior eyes glow! Make sure you don’t leave the ship without a couple elemental blasters, because you never know what dangers might await you

Or a tree! Sounds impossible, right? Well, Star-Lord, Peter Quill, would probably agree with you, but that’s precisely the life that he found himself leading

92 100