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Panduit 1 Ru 6-Port Panel - 6 Port S F282E4
# Ae7211057

Panduit 1 Ru 6-Port Panel - 6 Port S F282E4

202 USD

The panel shall house and organize, fiber optic cable, terminations, splices and connectors

Panels are ordered in either 6-port or 12-port configurations

Panel shall accommodate all HD Flex™ cassettes, fiber adapter panels (FAP), trunk cables, connectors and patch cords

Panel shall be able to be adapted to accept either 6-port cassettes/FAPs and 12-port cassettes/FAPs.

Panel shall provide front and rear access, regardless of how many are stacked together

Panel shall allow cassettes and FAPs to be installed by sliding them into the front or the rear of the patch panel which allows each individual cassette/FAP to be removed with minimal disruption to other cassettes/FAPs

81 100