Five financial things every breast cancer patient needs to know and probably doesn't
The fallout of this financial toxicity may have a serious impact on the patient's treatment and health, Sherman says. It affects a patient's sense of well-being and may actually result in people not ...

Dr. Pimple Popper Just Popped 'Boba' Balls From A Mystery Lump On Her Patient's Eyebrow
In her latest Instagram video, Dr. Pimple Popper popped a cyst on a man's eyebrow. The cyst contained what looked like two boba balls from bubble tea. Her patient said the bump was slowly growing.

Evaluation of Small Molecule Drug Uptake in Patient-Derived Prostate Cancer Explants by Mass Spectrometry
Patient-derived explant (PDE) culture of solid tumors is increasingly being applied to preclinical evaluation of novel therapeutics and for biomarker discovery. In this technique, treatments are added ...

Indian hospital staff suspended after ants found crawling over dead patient's eyes
New Delhi (CNN)Three nurses and two doctors have been suspended in India's central Madhya Pradesh state after ants were found crawling on the body of a recently deceased patient in a local hospital. A ...

Playing for 2: Starling Thomas V playing for mother and Children’s Harbor patient
As UAB football prepares to honor current and former patients of Children’s Harbor for homecoming with patient names in place of player names on alternate gray-and-lime uniforms, there are several ...

When a Nurse Hits a Patient: A True Story
A nurse says she hit a violent patient. Was she defending herself or is this an example of assault? ZDoggMD examines the instance and a healthcare system where workers are left to fend for themselves.

Harloff Classic Six Drawer Super Stat Emergency Crash Cart, Sand A7Eed4
# 7A8018710

Harloff Classic Six Drawer Super Stat Emergency Crash Cart, Sand A7Eed4

2 700 USD

Harloff Classic Six Drawer Super Stat Emergency Crash Cart is a reliable workhorse that can meet the demands of the busiest emergency rooms

This crash cart offers a durable powder-coat finish and has full wrap-around vinyl bumper on separate steel frame that is designed to enclose and protect all included accessories such as the suction unit shelf

The 30 inches of vertical drawer space on this crash cart are generous

86 100