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New Exclusive Staunton Chess Set In Golden Rosewood A37C4E
# 21F12676

New Exclusive Staunton Chess Set In Golden Rosewood A37C4E

239 USD

This package includes our New Exclusive Staunton chess set with golden rosewood and boxwood pieces matched with our Walnut Stained Chess and Backgammon Case

The inlaid chess and backgammon board is made from high quality wood veneers and wonderfully crafted

The king is 3″ tall and has a 1.375″ base — an excellent size for the casual game at home! The pieces are triple weighted for exceptional stability and have thick green baize pads for a soft landing on the chess board

From the elegant profile with a large tapered base to the extraordinary knights carved by some of the best craftsmen in the world, you will be thoroughly impressed with the quality of these Staunton chessmen

A terrific chess and backgammon case that you can leave out out and display in your home or conveniently store away. Chess Pieces: Golden Rosewood & Boxwood King Height: 3″ King Base: 1.375″ King Weight: 1.8 oz

The New Exclusive Staunton has all of the features that avid chess players and collectors looks for in an upper-end Staunton chess set

Green Baize Pads Includes 2 extra queens for pawn promotion Certificate of AuthenticityBackgammon Pieces: 30 Black & White Plastic Backgammon Checkers (1.25″ x .25″ thick) 2 Dice Cups 2 Sets of Dice 1 Doubling CubeChess & Backgammon Case: Solid Walnut Stained Wood, Walnut & Maple Veneers, & Other Wood Materials Square Size: 1.75″ Dimensions: 17.25″ x 17.25″ x 3.25″

The case measures 17.25″ square and is 3.25″ tall

Both sides of the game board are recessed and fit inside the case so it doesn’t slide off

We include everything you need to play backgammon including 30 backgammon checkers, 2 dice cups, 2 sets of dice, and a doubling cube

The chess board squares are 1.75″

The case is lined with a soft velour material inside to protect the games pieces inside and and there’s plenty of room for storing it all

To play backgammon just flip it over

We include a certificate of authenticity so you will always know what the chess set is, where it came from, and when it was made. Our Walnut Stained Chess and Backgammon case is beautifully designed with elegant molded shapes and a framed chess board and backgammon board on top

Chess Set Weight: 35 oz

94 100