Personal Data Of Entire 16.6 Million Population Of Ecuador Leaked Online
Two security researchers working for vpnMentor, Noam Rotem and Ran Locar, have an impressive record of uncovering massive data leaks. Now the dynamic duo has, with the help of ZDNet reporter Catalin ...

Bill Gates gave away $35 billion this year but didn't see his personal net worth drop
Microsoft founder Bill Gates takes an aggressive approach to investing, with 60% of his assets invested in equities. Gates added $16 billion to his net worth this year, despite giving away over $35 ...

Max Lucado: Does financial security equal personal joy? Here's a secret I need to share
Turn on the teleivison or open a paper and the financial news can be unsettling. “A recession is coming!” says one expert. "No recession," argues another. "Save more, spend less, just in case!" ...

A personal trainer advocated fat-shaming because she thinks it 'encourages people to lose weight,' but health and fitness experts disagree
The topic was being discussed after Bill Maher said fat-shaming "needs to make a comeback," and James Corden responded calling it bullying.

These 55 Personal Growth Quotes Will Help You Achieve Your Full Potential
Personal growth is like self-care’s older, more experienced cousin. It’s usually what happens to us after we’ve put in some work on ourselves or taken the time to reexamine what we want and how to get ...

Almost everyone in Ecuador has had their personal information leaked online
More than 20 million people had their data exposed by an unsecured server run by an Ecuadorian marketing and analytics firm, according to internet security firm vpnMentor. The personal information ...

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