Ola’s electric mobility dreams get real
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Signage Allowing Cyclists To Run Reds Among Projects Allocated $50 Million From French Active Mobility Fund
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Motorola Mobility appoints Shivam Ranjan as head of marketing for India
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Is New Mobility Struggling? Yes, And That's Good
There is a First Nations legend, told in several variations, of a magic canoe that could change its size to seat any number of people from one person up to an entire village. All the canoeist had to ...

Visco-Back Deep 16 Inches Tall Wheelchair Back Support, 23 86263E
# D1E324797

Visco-Back Deep 16 Inches Tall Wheelchair Back Support, 23 86263E

395 USD

Visco-Back Deep 16 Inches Tall Wheelchair Back Support has lightweight indestructible aluminum shell which maintains its integrity under harsh conditions and long-term usage

Visco memory foam comfortably contours to the users body and equalizes pressure and creates a customized and supportive fit

High resiliency foam wings extend past the shells edge to provide extra protection from the wheelchair canes

87 100