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Camaro Motor Mount, Polyurethane, Chrome, Hyper-Flex, 1 D819Fe
# Ee7919710

Camaro Motor Mount, Polyurethane, Chrome, Hyper-Flex, 1 D819Fe

60 USD

    • Combines Great Vibration Isolation With Indestructibility
    • Ideal For Higher HP Engines
    • Replaces Deteriorated Rubber Mounts
    • "Short & Wide" Type
    • Polyurethane Material, Chrome Finish
    • Sold Individually (Two Required Per Car)
    • Safety Interlock Feature
    • Fits 1967-1971 Camaro Models


The motor mounts in your 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, or 1971 Camaro will need to be replaced after approximately every 50,000 miles, or if they become soaked from fluids like oil several times

The rubber in the original mounts can degrade and cause splits, eventually leading to failure

Also, when accelerating or decelerating, if you feel or hear a loud noise from under your car, you should check for signs of fan to shroud contact on your radiator core or fan shroud

The motor mounts on your Chevy Camaro are crucial for reducing vibration and extending the life of your engine and its components

If you indeed have this fan impact, you can be sure that your motor mount is broken

If your mounts break or grow weak, it c

From excessive use and abuse, the mounts get weak and will not secure your engine properly

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