MIT Computer Scientist Richard Stallman Resigns After Claiming Epstein Victim Was ‘Entirely Willing’
Stallman previously claimed his comments about Virginia Giuffre were "totally mischaracterized." LightRocket via Getty Images Topline: Computer scientist Richard Stallman has severed his connections ...

Famed MIT Computer Scientist Who Defended Epstein Resigns
Richard Stallman had also advocated for the legalization of child pornography and pedophilia on his personal blog for 15+ years. A renowned MIT computer scientist resigned from two jobs Monday amid ...

The best UK universities for computer science and IT degrees
In the UK, making decisions surrounding higher education can be extremely stressful. With fees for British students having risen to £9,250 a year, those considering going to university often feel ...

Computer scientist Richard Stallman resigns from MIT after defending Epstein
Richard Stallman, the founder of the Free Software Foundation, has resigned from the nonprofit as well as his position at MIT. Computer scientist and free software advocate Richard Stallman announced ...

How to block someone on Google Hangouts on your computer or mobile device
It's easy to block someone on Google Hangouts if you don't want them to contact you. Here's how to do it on desktop or mobile.

Entanglement in a 20-Qubit Superconducting Quantum Computer
The ability to prepare sizeable multi-qubit entangled states with full qubit control is a critical milestone for physical platforms upon which quantum computers are built. We investigate the extent to ...

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