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Trademark Commerce Tmc-10-Patop-1Car 1000 World Tophat Cane Paulson 57A307
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Trademark Commerce Tmc-10-Patop-1Car 1000 World Tophat Cane Paulson 57A307

1 942 USD

PROFESSIONAL SERIES WORLD PAULSON TOPHAT & CANE POKER CHIPS A beautiful set of professional full clay casino quality poker chips

Therefore, this chip will not be widely available in any form except through our warehouse

And we have them! Used in casinos all over the world, this handy 1000 chip carrying case makes it easy to transport chips all over your casino or gaming room, and allows for fast and easy chip access during those crucial gaming moments. Constructed of thick, durable, clear acrylic, this sturdy, reinforced case will hold 10 chip trays neatly stacked, for a total of 1000 poker chips

This is the exact same material and design of chips used in most casinos around the world

This chip is manufactured and engineered by Paulson, the undisputed leader in professional casino poker chip manufacturing

The top easily slides off, and a comfortable handle makes it easy to carry and move around

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C Copyright 2005 All Rights ReservedThese poker chips are copyright protected and registered with the U. S

These valuable chips are rare and will maintain or increase in value throughout the years. Dimension:10×8×13 in. Dimension: 10×8×13 in. Dimension: 10×8×13 in.

No pealing or staining on these chips

After a certain period of time, thickness of chips may vary due to the composition of the chip. These professional casino grade poker chips has an exclusive colorful inlay, one for each denomination, specially designed for us

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There is only ONE Paulson poker chip

Many gaming regulations are asking for 2/1000″ tolerance for the chip thickness, which we follow

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