Personal growth lofts Athletics’ Marcus Semien into MVP discussion
OAKLAND — It’d been a while since Marcus Semien had to answer questions fired at him from a semi-circle of local media. It’s not because he’s slumping, not because he’s inconsistent — he’s warranted ...

‘Rambo: Last Blood’ — this time it’s personal
When Sylvester Stallone stepped into the Green Beret boots of Vietnam vet John Rambo in “First Blood,” it was 1982 and the writer-actor-director who created Rocky Balboa knew something about ...

Destination Cleveland’s new VP shares goals for creating ‘personal and memorable’ visits
CLEVELAND, Ohio —Gordon Taylor III first visited Cleveland in 2008, on a trip to meet his future wife’s parents, who lived in Canton at the time. “I really fell in love with this place,” said Taylor, ...

"A deep personal loss" Pelosi on Cokie Roberts
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told mourners at the funeral mass for broadcaster Cokie Roberts that her death was a deep personal loss for those who knew her. Robert's husband Steve added that his wife ...

Robert Kubica: 'The personal achievement is big'
Williams' Robert Kubica discusses the problems he encountered in the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix, but says completing the race was a big personal achievement for him given his current physical condition ...

Books | In Edward Snowden’s memoir, the disclosures this time are personal
Revealing state secrets is hard, but revealing yourself in a memoir might be harder. As Edward Snowden puts it in the preface of “Permanent Record:” “The decision to come forward with evidence of ...

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