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Hpe 3Par Security Base Ltu - Storage Management 8F8515
# Aace22282

Hpe 3Par Security Base Ltu - Storage Management 8F8515

340 USD

Are security and performance concerns standing in the way of infrastructure consolidation? The HP 3PAR Security Software Suite provides up to 1024 secure virtual private arrays and compliance with both internal and external governance policies

This unified security offering allows both internal and external storage service providers a secure consolidated environment and the flexibility and efficiently of protecting data from intentional or unintentional deletion

Delivers secure access and improved storage services for separate applications and user groups, while providing an efficient and cost-effective way to comply with data retention requirements, for example, complying with internal governance polices or eDiscovery

It delivers customized and secure storage to multiple administrators, applications, and departments, while retaining the benefits of storage consolidation, knowing that data cannot be deleted.

96 100